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Pulldown to refresh. Do not believe anything Gabriel Scott Lindsey says. This woman is nasty with nasty smelling vagina and is knowingly passing DRDs around.

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She is a rapper hopper and loves riding rapper d1ck and spreading DRDs. She has no remorse nor will she acknowledge it. Everyone share this to help prevent future DRDs being passed. Do it quickly because she gets around. If you want DRD and a whole lot of problems this is your guy. He pretends to be a victim and like every girl has done him wrong.

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One he barely ever sees and one that he has never once seen by two different women. Has no respect for women and just loves dirty hoes. All of us ladies could go on and on about this lying, nasty, good for nothing scumbag.

Or do and find out the hard way. So my friend was dating this girl and all seemed hunky Dory, until he started to get suspicious of her inconsistencies and discovered. Cheats in husband after marriage with multiple men, he found out from her friends and her phone using other apps. He divorced her stealing his sons medication for adhd, money, refused to work, then found cheating.

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Lter tattooed FTW real classy on her face. Later husband used her as a fuk dolll for hate sex and found out more about her past and just tossed her.

Kept cheating on another man with him. Bailed on her two kids and put her 1st one up for adoption. Oh Nick, this Piece of worthless crap is still breathing. She has been in jail twice for violating the same restraining order! How dumb can you be?

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Just check out Case. She looks like puke and crap rolled in a big nasty smelly ball. What is worse she has offspring. Each one is neglected and needs to be taken away.

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She keeps trying to convince anyone who is pathetic enough to support her that she is s good mother. But those sally, Carly and Michelle retards are just as fukked up.

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I'm friendly and highly educated. Take your experience to the next level an Hey im very fit go the gym 3 days a week i have a table and very tallente Full discretion. Companion or BFE to passionate lover. Great listener and My name is John. Hey guys, I've been doing massage for 8 years in addition to being a blog Hey guys, Kai here.

I am a genuine and caring person working to make the wo Hi guys I'm Conrad.

Tall, athletic, multiple chest and shoulder tattoos. I really enjoy giving Looking for an easy going, nice, laid back guy to make you feel awesome?

Deejey, 30 years old, black, bottom gay escort in MO, St. Louis, USA.

Masculine, Low Key, and to the point, seemingly shy, and very genuine, love A true connoisseur of life and space. Down to Attention St. Louis friends! I will be moving out of state very soon. Down to Earth. Easy to talk to. Rural raised city dweller. Tattooed and pie