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For readers who are uncomfortable with this type of content, please close this tab and stop reading now. Miss him? Farewell Lucas ]. I absolutely love her as Mallory Archer https: Her name is Lucille. Get it right bitch!!! We had martinis the other day….

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Poor woman. She can barely move. More power to him. Is this stuff even relevant to the blog content?

Cavin Knight

If not… https: Use your imagination. Oh grow a pair you sensitive cunts.

You laugh at every fat joke we make about Colby Jansen, yet when we make fat jokes about someone who is actually morbidly fat you could not clutch your pearls fast enough! I personally loved your comment boo!

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Just because some of us are white and have soft features, that does not make us snowflakes. Not just that woman, but any women. And he goes from that to this? I could see that being the case if it had happened the other way around — if he had started in straight porn because of that social capital before coming out as gay.

Nor did he strike me as the type of probably-emotionally-hetero-but-genuinely-has-no-problem-having-sex-with-guys type like your Defendis or your Maguires. He just seemed GAY. With a capital homosexual, underlined with glittery pink pen, three exclamation marks with little spurting dicks for the dots. And the man is very rare indeed who identifies as gay but then comes out as straight.

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I guess we just have to put it down to the vagaries of the human species, and all agree that regardless of anything else, the woman is really really fat. Yes, he did seem gay, but so did they. At the very least he could be a very queeny bisexual.

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Sexuality is multidimensional. Gender norm conformity complicates things even further. So you don't need to point it out, Lucas Entertainment isn't trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Brent lies back and Lucas and Taye kneel between his legs jacking their dicks and aiming them at the bottom's hole.

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Lucas hoses Brent's pucker with a watery stream, then Taye follows up with thick gobs of spunk, and there's so much of it. Finally, Lucas pushes his niner back inside Brent and the trio fall into a kissing pile, exhausted, but still buzzing. And so am I.

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